GOOD offers a variety of events throughout the year that includes workshops, retreats and trainings. These events deepen your knowledge and path of yoga.

Hot 26+2 workshop with Esak Garcia-
May 4, 2023

This workshop, led by Esak Garcia, delves into the intricacies of the 26+2 series of asanas. The session commences with a comprehensive posture clinic, dedicating the first couple of hours to explore the alignment of this sequence and addressing participant inquiries. The latter half of the workshop features a traditional 90-minute Hot 26+2 class, led by Esak himself. Renowned for his mastery and warmth, Esak Garcia brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the series, making this workshop a rare opportunity for practitioners to learn from one of the most influential teachers in the Bikram tradition. GOOD yoga is honored to host him as a guest teacher for this special event.

Esak Garcia, a native of Boulder, Colorado, discovered the practice of modern yoga in his teenage years under the guidance of his mother. Influenced by her studies with Islamic sufis and later her immersion in hot yoga, Esak’s journey into yoga took root. He received his primary hot yoga training from Bikram Choudhury and Mary Jarvis, attending Bikram’s Yoga College of India teacher training in Los Angeles in 2001, a turning point that placed yoga at the forefront of his life. In 2005, he achieved the distinction of becoming the first male champion of the International Yoga Sports Federation annual competition.

Throughout his journey, Esak has been instrumental in various initiatives within the yoga community. He co-founded USA Yoga, established the renowned Jedi Fight Club, and created the e84 Teacher Training Diploma Program. Adding to his legacy, his family has owned and operated a hot yoga studio in Boulder, Colorado, since 1994. Esak finds profound joy in fatherhood, cherishing his role as the parent. Driven by an innate calling and fueled by his extensive studies and explorations in yoga, Esak firmly believes that the purpose of life lies in the development of spiritual awareness.  

COST: $100

DATE/ TIME: May 4, 2023 930am-2pm

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