August Challenge

This summer, we’re excited to invite you to our August Unlimited Yoga Challenge! It’s the perfect time to fully immerse yourself in your practice, connect with our vibrant community, and transform your well-being.

Special Offer:

For $89, you get one month of unlimited yoga! This deal is designed to help you dive deep into your practice, set yourself up for success and you’ll have the opportunity to attend as many classes as you can for a chance to win 3 Months of Unlimited Yoga. It’s the ultimate opportunity to sustain momentum and fully immerse yourself in the practice without limitations.

What’s the Challenge?

  • One Month of Unlimited Yoga: Attend as many classes as you can from August 1st to August 31st.
  • Track Your Progress: Use our in-studio challenge chart to mark each class you attend. You are responsible for tracking your classes.
  • Commit to Your Growth: Experience the benefits of consistent practice and accountability.
  • Prizes: The student who attends the most classes in August receives our 3 Month Unlimited Pass & a GOOD yoga tote. All participating in the challenge will receive 15% off any class pack, ensuring that your yoga journey continues beyond August and remains a steadfast source of inspiration and rejuvenation in your life. 

How to Participate:

  1. Sign Up: Purchase $89 special (other packages are eligible to participate too)
  2. Attend Classes: Join as many sessions as you can.
  3. Track Your Progress: Mark each class on our in-studio challenge chart.
  4. Celebrate: Have fun. Hydrate well. Try new classes. Connect with the community!

Ready to Transform Your Summer?

Sign up and claim your unlimited month for $89 HERE. Let’s make this August a month of growth, dedication, and transformation.